Lee Short (losrpg) wrote,
Lee Short

ACNW Game List

1 -- Revenge of the Babysat
2 -- NINF -- Horror Rise
3 -- The End of the World
4 -- Amber Shadows
5 -- Karm vs. Osric
6 -- AmberQuest
7 -- Polaris

Damn! I got nearly all my 1sts. Maybe all of them, even -- I'd have to look to see for sure.

I'm playing in 3 quite big games (1,3,5), 3 quite small games (including the 2 that I'm running) (4,6,7), and 1 that's probably in the middle (2). Mostly classic amberish. Looks like a lot of fun. My only regret is that I mostly ended up playing with GMs I played under before; I kind of wanted to give some of the new blood a go. I loaded up my 2nd and 3rd choices with them; I didn't count on getting so many of my first choices.

Sadly, there were no Ameer games this year. Happily, Rob D and Lydia L will be back for the first time in 2-3 years. With luck, Fred and Deb will be with them.
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